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San Mateo Focus Podvcast

Whether you’re new to San Mateo, California, or a long time resident, the San Mateo Focus Podcast is the place to learn about local history, good eats, and things to do.

Featured Episode: Introducing the San Mateo Focus Podcast

Episode 1 – Trailer

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About San Mateo Focus

Podcasts are great, and just about every topic is covered on a national scale. But what about right next door? How many people go about their daily lives not really knowing about their local community, what it has to offer, and the history that made it what it is today? San Mateo Focus is a weekly hyperlocal podcast that presents interesting local information in bite-sized chunks. Come take a listen. I bet you’ll say, “Wow, I never knew that!” and “Why don’t we visit that place this weekend?” Take a listen and let us know what you think. We’d love ideas for new episodes as well. 

Latest Episode

SMF Host Introductions

And now for something completely different: podcast host Judy Gordon, and producer Peter Radsliff, introduce themselves and talk about why and how they created San Mateo Focus.  [play below, or click here for episode page]

Episode 13 – 1/23/2020

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Introducing the San Mateo Focus Podcast

Episode 1 – Trailer

Judy Gordon kicks off her new podcast with hyperlocal stories that will be appreciated by anyone who lives or visits San Mateo on the San Francisco Peninsula. [link to episode page]

Judy gives a primer on Caltrain’s rich history and provides an update on the construction going on in San Mateo. [link to episode page]

Judy takes nostalgic trip to when San Mateo’s Hillsdale Mall was new and contrasts that with the renovation that opens later this month. [link to episode page]

Judy explains why San Mateo has such a vibrant and extensive scene for Japanese and other ethnic cuisines. [link to episode page]

Judy discovers some interesting history about Coyote Point, this gem of a recreation area that every San Mateo family should get to know. [link to episode page]

Today Judy profiles a tremendous asset for new and young parents, the San Mateo Parents Club. [link to episode page]

One of life’s little pleasures in San Mateo is having multiple Farmer’s Markets to choose from, making ‘farm to table’ something everyone can do quite easily. Judy digs into the details of our local pop-up grocers in this week’s episode. [link to episode page]

Judy contacted the San Mateo Police Department to ask about how safe San Mateo is, what to do about car break-ins, how the homeless are doing, and more. [link to episode page]

Episode Sponsor: Christensen & Rafferty Fine Jewelry

It is especially during this time of year that we think about giving of ourselves to others less fortunate. Judy profiles Samaritan House, one of San Mateo’s leading non-profits and the largest food distribution agency in the county. Their free service offerings include shelter and housing assistance, medical and dental clinics, clothes for children, personalized case management, and much more. Please listen to this special episode and see if Samaritan House can help you help others.   [link to episode page]

Judy takes us on a tour of where to get information that every San Mateo resident will find useful and important. [link to episode page]

Judy recounts the history of a hidden San Mateo gem: St. John’s Cemetery. [link to episode page]

Judy researches and recounts an underused resource: the San Mateo Public Library. [link to episode page]

And now for something completely different: podcast host Judy Gordon, and producer Peter Radsliff, introduce themselves and talk about why and how they created San Mateo Focus. 

Behind the Scenes

Judy Gordon

Judy Gordon

Founder & Host

Peter Radsliff

Peter Radsliff

Producer & Co-Host

San Mateo Focus is the brainchild of Judy Gordon, longtime San Mateo resident who has worked locally in startup companies and with non-profit organizations. Judy hosts the show and uncovers all of the stories presented in each episode. Peter Radsliff produces the show and occasionally fills in as co-host.

Jack Radsliff

Jack Radsliff


Portland, Oregon guitarist Jack Radsliff provides the music for the San Mateo Focus podcast from his album Migration Patterns. [photo by Reed Ricker]