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Episode Promo Info for Partner Websites & Social Media

For the San Mateo Focus podcast (all episodes):

Headline: Check out the “San Mateo Focus” podcast
Promo: Weekly, bite-sized stories that will be appreciated by anyone who lives or visits San Mateo.
Where to Listen: Listen on or wherever you get your podcasts. You can even tell Alexa, Google or Siri to: “Play podcast: San Mateo Focus.”

Episode-specific Promotion:

Episode 1:
Headline: Introducing the San Mateo Focus Podcast
Promo: Hyperlocal stories that will be appreciated by anyone who lives or visits San Mateo on the San Francisco Peninsula.
Permalink: Episode 1 Web Page

Episode 2:
Headline: Caltrain History & Construction Update
Promo: Find out the latest on major transportation construction efforts.
Permalink: Episode 2 Web Page

Episode 3:
Headline: Hillsdale Mall, Past, Present & Future
Promo: A nostalgic look back and glimpse forward of Hillsdale Mall.
Permalink: Episode 3 Web Page

Episode 4:
Headline: Japanese and other Cuisines in San Mateo
Promo: Learn why San Mateo has such a vibrant ethnic culinary scene.
Permalink: Episode 4 Web Page

Episode 5:
Headline: Coyote Point
Promo: Learn about the surprising history of this gem of San Mateo parks.
Permalink: Episode 5 Web Page

Episode 6:
Headline: San Mateo Parent’s Club
Promo: Find out about this must-join community for San Mateo parents.
Permalink: Episode 6 Web Page

Episode 7:
 San Mateo Farmers Markets
Promo: Farm-to-table is easier than ever through San Mateo’s three Farmers Markets.
Permalink: Episode 7 Web Page

Episode 8:
Headline: San Mateo Police
Promo: The San Mateo Police talks to San Mateo Focus about safety.
Permalink: Episode 8 Web Page

Episode 9:
Headline: Samaritan House
Promo: Samaritan House makes getting or giving help, easier.
Permalink: Episode 9 Web Page

Episode 10:
Headline: San Mateo City Resources
Promo: Information thst every San Mateo resident will find useful and important.
Permalink: Episode 10 Web Page

Episode 11:
Headline: St. John’s Cemetery
Promo: A hidden San Mateo gem: St. John’s Cemetery.
Permalink: Episode 11 Web Page

Episode 12:
Headline: San Mateo Public Library
Promo: Judy researches and recounts an underused resource: the San Mateo Public Library.
Permalink: Episode 12 Web Page

Episode 13:
Headline: SMF Host Introductions
Promo: Podcast host Judy Gordon, and producer Peter Radsliff, introduce themselves and talk about why and how they created San Mateo Focus.
Permalink: Episode 13 Web Page

Episode 14:
Headline: CSM Planetarium
Promo: Judy does it again, unearthing another San Mateo jewel known by some, but surprisingly not by all: the planetarium at the College of San Mateo.
Permalink: Episode 14 Web Page

Episode 15:
Headline: Focus On: Date Night
Promo: Our listeners help Judy with this episode by contributing their favorite San Mateo Date Night activities.
Permalink: Episode 15 Web Page

Episode 16:
Headline: What’s Up With All The Crows?!
Promo: Have you noticed that now more than ever, crows seem to be everywhere in San Mateo? Judy finds out why.
Permalink: Episode 16 Web Page